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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to enter a world of magic and fantasy? Fans of the mystical, fantasy or magical worlds are constantly looking out for new books, films or places that can capture their minds and allow them to drift off into a world that is full of adventure, wizardry, mythical creatures, heroes and villains. It is these places that we read about in books or watch on the screens. is there such a place where a person can truly be captivated by the magical world, in person for real without having to just rely on their imagination.

Is wanting to be in a fantasy world just a dream that will never come true, or can you actually be at one with the mystical magic that conjures up wizards and witches, dragons and monsters.

There is one such place that can help. I know it exists as I have been there myself, surrounded by the world that fantasy fans crave every single day. It is a place that leaves you breathless and amazed, stumbling home with thoughts of creatures and strange kingdoms bounding around inside your imagination. For those of a creative nature, it allows the mind to open up, writers will pen novels creating desirable worlds, artists will paint pictures with back-drops of pure beauty and sculptors will create the most magnificent pieces because they have been inspired by this place. Where is it? I hear you ask. Let me take you a little journey and maybe one day you will be gazing into the glittering window wondering what magic awaits you inside.

In a small market town just outside London there is a shop, situated between two larger premises is a shop, not just any shop, but a shop of a different genre. The window displays are introvert and intimate, yet scream out. Sparkling dragons, colourful dream-catchers and precious stones positioned on fabric. Once inside the shop the wondrous displays along the wall can be observed as they spill out onto table tops. The walk-way is slim, possibly on purpose to allow customers to view the entire mystique of the arrangements. One question burns, “Is this really magic?” The answer will depend on the person. There are books of spells they can only be used by those who truly believe, hand-crafted jewellery that has no maker inscribed upon it, calming stones that can lift the pressures of the day or ornaments of different types that can inspire a creative mind. How a person chooses to view this cavern of magic is down to their imagination. Sometimes at night when all the shops are closed it is possible to gaze inside this treasure trove, a glint or a shadow cast makes the imagination believe the shop is alive. This is not just a decorative alternative, this is Harvest Moon and it captures the imagination of those open-minded enough embark on the journey.

Is this really magic, fantasy, mystical? There is only one way to find out.

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