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Why are Dragons so important in Dragon Fantasy Books? Well there are many factors one must consider, such as what TYPE of Dragon is being discussed? For the sake of international debate on what a typical "Dragon" is supposed to look like, be it derived from Western European mythology, or from that of the Chinese who viewed Dragons to have long, lithe bodies that had a fluidity to their movement. Let us picture a Great Dragon of epic proportions able to blot out the sky with its wings and burn whole villages to the ground. This represents an aspect of Human existence pertaining to the need to be dominate and to have that "endgame" weapon that stops wars and starts new ones.

The will or intent of Dragons varies from series to series for example, in A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin (better known under the show's title-Game of Thrones) The Dragons are great beasts loyal to their "Masters" but just barely. They are beautiful and terrible, but ultimately they still represent the A-Bomb and all its power and fear placed on the people the users of the Dragons wish to conquer or exterminate. Whereas in the stories that build around the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, Dragons are vastly intelligent creatures of cunning and guile who are prone to killing and taking hoards of gold that was not rightfully theirs to begin with. Lovers of riddles and possessing linguistic skills to match an etymologist, the Dragons were fearsome but used primarily for evil purposes by the Dark Lord(s).

On a fundamental level there does seem to be some correlation between our primordial fear of fire and large lizards of the prehistoric era, and even further into left field could one argue that based on the evidence suggested by the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Dragons are nothing more than misinterpreted intergalactic space ships.

Preferring to take a pragmatic approach on a emotional level I have come to thus a conclusion relevant to most Fantasy lovers. These creatures are important in Dragon Fantasy Books because they represent so many facets of Human nature and existence. Armored they cannot be hurt or broken, with wings one may take to the sky and come to a land never ventured where one could be made new again. The Fire is there to burn out and annihilate our perceived enemies thus the need for humility or acceptance of ones own wrong doing is a thing not mentioned.

Humans living a dual life of enlightened intelligence and animalistic tendencies are able to see themselves to the tenth degree on both ends of the spectrum (if you follow Tolkien's vision of Dragons being most intelligent). Dragons represent our hopes for strength, armor for our insecurities, intelligence to out smart our opponents and ultimately a hope for a world beyond the veil of life and death. As of right now Humans know of no other creature able to communicate verbally on our level, but if we were exposed to beings as such then it would simultaneously back up belief systems of both Science and Religion.

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