How can I start writing epic fantasy?

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I always wanted this world to be enough. When I was a boy I used to sit down and write about my day, all the experiences I encountered, all of the people I met, the conversations I had, the discoveries I made and still it wasn't enough. As I began to write about my day, my mind always ventured elsewhere, to somewhere far far away in a galaxy perhaps long forgotten, or that yet to be discovered. I wanted to believe that there were more adventures to life than school, homework, and chores. My teachers used to tell me I was a dreamer, some even told me that I was foolish to daydream about dwarves, elves, orcs, ogres, mages, and magic. I, however, could never push the idea out of my head that there was an adventure out there that needed to be discovered. I remember my third-grade teacher assigning us to write about our hero. I came home and pulled out my notepad and began to think about who my hero was and I wanted my assignment to be different than all of my peers. I have always enjoyed writing epic fantasy and I didn't want a cliche answer like my mother and father, I wanted something more imaginative and exciting. In the middle of my thought process, Aragorn came to my mind. No, Aragorn wasn't my long lost uncle or distant relative but a great hero that helped the hobbits defeat Sauron and later became King. I remember my excitement as I jotted the reasons for my decision to proclaim Aragorn as my hero. It was indeed the fastest I have ever completed a homework assignment. The next morning, I ran to school as quick as I could because I was beyond ecstatic to turn my assignment in and read it to the class. When the teacher summoned me to the front of the classroom to read my assignment, I nearly teleported there in anticipation. For the first time in my life, I didn't feel nervous, I was confident in what I had written. As I finished the last few words of my assignment I looked up past the paper hoping to see my friends in awe and my teacher impressed. Instead, I was met with roaring laughter so loud that it pierced my ears. Even my teacher was laughing at me! I ran back to my desk and slumped in embarrassment and disappointment. Later that day I realized that I was different. I wanted to be like the rest of the students and focus on the things that were right in front of me, but I always wanted so much more.

     Not much has changed in 20 years since the day I completed that assignment. I work a regular job, I have a family, I have a wife but still, my mind wanders off to a faraway land. I spend a lot of my free time writing as much as I can and reading every fantasy book I can get my hands on. I regularly meet people and writing groups that share my passion and I could talk for hours about the new and exciting adventures that I fabricate daily in my mind. Fantasy has broken the limitations that this world has, the boundaries, rules, and ideas that leave us working a mediocre and monotonous job. Writing has expanded my imagination, flexed my creative muscles, and kept my mind wandering just as it always has.

     I always wanted this world to be enough. This world is bound by limitations but my mind is not. This world is ordinary but I am not. Writing epic fantasy has freed my mind from the limitations of this world.

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